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Galactic Pizza

Operation Hours:

Sun-Tue: 11am-12am
Fri-Sat: 11am-1am

  • Type: Restaurant
  • Cuisine: Pizza/Hoagies, Organic/Local
  • Features: Patio, Veggie Friendly

Planet saving pizza! It's pizza for super heroes, and normal folks. We love this restaurant concept and we're sure you will too! Think of when you were a little kid and your parents would take you to visit your hippy uncle... Got it? Remember how the place was super retro 70's style? Remember how he'd cook up great food for you with organic ingredients? It was super comfortable and inviting, with classic rock and bluegrass playing all day... Remember the finger painting and strange skunky smell coming from the other room? Well, take out the finger painting and change the menu to strictly pizza and beer, and you've got Galactic Pizza.

You can't miss them really. On Lyndale Avenue in Uptown just look for the little grass tiki patio on the street with all the colors. They're the ones that you see driving around Uptown in Zapp Cars and little electric pods. They deliver your pizza as super heroes. It's a chill place that has gotten the art of the perfect pizza down. Add to the fact they were the first restaurant in Minnesota to do the whole green thing; delivery with electric vehicles, organic and local ingredients, building powered by wind...

Galactic is a can't miss for pizza lovers, out of town guests, and the co-op organic food crowd. Order a pie or stop in for a pint today!

Thrifty Tip: The 420 Special. Order any pizza between 4-4:30 and get $4.20 off!

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